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Allow me to (re)Introduce myself

My name is David Whitaker. Love Made Music a statement of truth that I hold as my concept and mode of purpose for music creation. It has also been my cover for event organization and personal label for independent music releases.

Since 2005, I have been residing in Tokyo, Japan performing, recording and making music for independent, major label, video game, anime and commercial projects. It has been my honor and privilege to work on projects and share the stage with artists like: Hiroyuki Sawano, Ray Dorsey, Kat McDowell, Rhyming Gaijin, Dragon Ash, Sohch of the Life Penciled Crew, Kensho Kuma, Chemical Reaction, Euphonic Changes, The Beatjackers 2.0, Aimee Blackschleger, mpi and so many more.

David’s voice is on:

-Dragon Ash release “Best of With Changes Vol.2″(2007)–“Wipe Your Eyes” 
-(2010)–the single “Ambitious” 
-Hiroyuki Sawano’s release “Musica” (07/2009)– 
-Final Fantasy XIII-2 OST- Worlds Collide 12/2011 
-Guilty Crown OST- Ready to Go 01/2012

and most recently, Attack on Titan Season 3 soundtrack- Kenny’s Song…

David is actively participating in the Kansai Music Conference 

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